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The United Kingdom is a multinational state, with a population of approximately 62 million people.  Composed of four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each country has its own customs, cultures and tradition. Britain is full of contrasts; whichever direction you travel you will find a wide variety of landscapes and diverse cultures to explore.  

As one of the most industrialized nations in the world, transportation in the UK is modern and convenient, allowing it easy for you to explore.  You can travel by train, bus, taxi or bicycle throughout the UK – with plenty of discounts available to international students.  The UK offers an incredible and beautiful landscape for walking, climbing, cycling, mountain-biking and running. The mountains of Scotland and Wales, the rolling hills of England and Northern Ireland, the Lake District and the Yorkshire moors, as well as the coastline of all parts of the UK will be all around you. UK life is an incredible mix of international cultures and contemporary thinking, held together by a strong sense of identity and tradition. 

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No matter what level of education in the UK, you’ll have the flexibility to shape your study to suit your needs. This freedom; combined with a centuries-old tradition of excellence and an innovative approach to teaching makes UK education recognised and respected all over the world. Read more about a UK education> 


Study Abroad in England

Take the journey into England and you will take a journey in time.  England is the largest country in Britain, and home to the largest city in Europe, 600 miles of beautiful coastline, and a population almost three times that of Australia.


Lonely Planet's Top 5 Picks for England


1) London
England's capital. Britain's cultural melting-pot. Europe's largest metropolis. The world in one city.

2) The Cotswolds 
Classic rural scenery. Picture-postcard villages. Antique shops on every corner.

3) Lake District
England's highest mountains, with stunning views, tranquil lakes and hiking a-go-go.

4) Bath
Grand Georgian terraces, Palladian parades and one of the finest Roman bathhouses in the world. If you only explore on English city outside of London, make it this one.

5) Manchester
England's Barcelona. Renowned.


Study Abroad in Scotland

Some of the world’s most magnificent and unsurpassed natural environments can be found in Scotland. From radiant lochs and coastlines, to soaring mountain peaks, and lively cities, there is something for everyone in this land.  Scotland isn't just about bagpipes, haggis and kilts; many of the anicent monuments, fortifications and burial chambers from Scotland's long history can still be seen today.  There's a reason why every year more than 30,000 international students from over 180 countries choose Scotland for their UK education.  


Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Study in Scotland













1) Scotland has been leading the way in education since the early part of the 15th century. The education systems of countries like the USA, Canada and China mirror the model that was pioneered by the Scots.

2) Scottish education will teach you not just what to think, but how to think, with inspirational teachers who will give you the confidence to put your ideas into practice.

3) Scotland is a multicultural society and people have been coming to live here from all over the world for centuries. Scotland is consistently rated as a friendly, safe place to be so you can be sure of a warm welcome.

4) Study in Scotland and you will experience lively cosmopolitan cities, spectacular landscapes and a vivid and varied sports, arts, entertainment and social scene.

5) The Post Study Work programme allows international students the opportunity to stay and work for two years after graduation, and there is a strong and growing economy in Scotland with plenty of opportunities for qualified individuals.   


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