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Agriculture, Animal and Vet Science Degrees in Australia


Agricultural Study Specialization Areas

Veterinary Science Programs


As a major agriculture producer and exporter, Australia is the place to study anything related to agricultural science.  The monsoonal summer conditions in Northern Australia, and drier summers in the South make the varied landscapes a prime location for the production of tropical fruits and sugar, grazing of beef cattle, and cereal farming.  

Every few years, rainfall patterns and drought conditions correlate with temperature changes in the Pacific Ocean, causing the El Nino effect on the land.

This El Nino goverened climate has had a significant impact on the society.

Veterinary Science

In Australia, veterinary science qualifications are completed at the undergraduate level and programs are open to graduating secondary school students and university students seeking veterinary school. The programs are usually five years in length.

While Veterinary Science programs are offered at several different universities in Australia, there are three universities that are accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). These programs will allow for the easiest transfer back to North America to practice as a veterinarian in either country.


Apply in 3 Easy Steps

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  3. Complete and submit your application online and we will assist you through your pre-departure process.

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Agriculture, Animal and Vet Science Degrees Optioins in New Zealand 



Agribusiness Rural Management
Agricultural Science Soil Management and Conservation
Agronomy and Crop Science Veterinary School
Food Science and Technology Veterinary Science (non-Vet School)
Oenology (Winemaking)  
Each university has a different application process and intake options (based on previous undergraduate studies).  Search for your area of interest using our degree finder for a list of program options.







Application Deadlines


Apply Now

Murdoch University

Bachelor of Science-

Veterinary Biology/

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery

AVMA 4 years* Application rounds close each year on: 31st March, 30th June,30th September, 30th November February

University of Melbourne


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Graduate Entry ONLY) AVMA 4 years December 20th March
University of Queensland Bachelor of Veterinary Science AVMA 5 years November 1st February

University of Sydney**

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Grad-Entry) or Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Undergraduate Entry) AVMA 4 years or 6 years TBA; Applications open in July February
James Cook University Bachelor of Veterinary Science Australian Parliament 5 years September 30th February

 ** New in 2015 

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