Types of Degrees Programs

Bachelor’s Degree  

  • Typically a 3 year program where students take only courses directly related to their degree
  • A fourth year is required in some specialized and professional fields such as engineering or law.
  • Combined or double-degrees are also available and are usually 4-6 years in length.

Bachelor of Honours (4th year)

  • One year research focused program open to students who are top performers and may allow accelerated entry to a master’s or a doctorate degree.
  • Students apply after finishing their bachelor’s degree in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Students should take this fourth year if they plan to attend graduate school in any country.

Graduate/Postgraduate Certificate

  • One semester program of graduate level work that is a stand-alone qualification for students wishing to add specialization or continuing education to their undergraduate study.
  • May also serve as preparatory/bridging coursework if intended master’s degree is in a significantly different area than undergraduate degree.

Graduate/Postgraduate Diploma

  • One year program of graduate level work that is a stand-alone qualification like the graduate and postgraduate certificate.
  • In New Zealand, students typically must enroll in a postgraduate diploma before moving into a second year of a master’s program. 

Master’s Degree - Australia

  • Master’s by Coursework is 1.5 – 2 years with some as short as one year usually involving 70-80% classes and a minor thesis project during the second half of the degree.
  • Master’s by Research involves 100% intensive, self-directed research leading to the production of a thesis or major research project with guidance from supervisory professor.

Master’s Degree - New Zealand

  • Generally two years in length. First year consists of coursework with applied projects (completed during postgraduate diploma). Second year is a major research project or thesis in a student’s chosen area of interest.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Consists of 3-5 years of self-directed research leading to a major dissertation.
  • Typically can start at any time during the year based on agreement with supervising professor. 

*Applying for a PhD varies by university/program and is very different to the process in North American. Contact us to discuss the PhD admissions process

Professional Doctorate

  • Consists of 2-3 years of intensive coursework and a research component.
  • Most often earned in fields such as law, psychology, and education (including teacher education). 

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